About Us




Hey there, 

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Amanda, a loving mama and wife, passionate maker and nurse, founder of Tender Heart Co. I hope to inspire a contagious movement of connection and giving in the Tender Heart community. Each clothing piece I create is designed mindfully - each a beautiful, treasured creation made for the Tender Heart.

In the spring of 2017 I traveled to Ghana, West Africa on a nursing trip. During my time there I was inspired by countless organizations that served women, children, and the local community.

Upon my return to Canada, Tender Heart Co. was born. I aim to give back to the places near to my heart by donating a portion of our profits to organizations in Ghana that serve these populations, and to local charities like Cythera House and Mamas for Mamas.

We encourge #tenderliving - living with love for those around us, and keeping a focus on giving back - #tendergiving.

Follow us on social media to join the #tenderliving movement and to learn about the charities and people we are supporting.


About our logo

A gesture of giving is represented by the outstretched hand in the logo, peace with the olive branch and love from the heart within the olive branch -everything rests on and emulates from the heart.